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by Alison Carr

Performed at Theatre503 and the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Summer 2018

Presented by Small Truth Theatre in association with Michelle Barnette Productions and Theatre503

“I expect the plummet, I brace, but no. The wind is now a breeze is now a whisper and I’ve stopped; suspended in the sky...” 

Bayview is the only B&B closed for business on the busiest weekend of the year in this faded seaside town. 

Greasy fish’n’chips, sticks of rock and a pot-bellied Spiderman has just thrown himself off the pier. 


The annual ‘Birdman’ competition is in full flight. 

Simon is here to compete and turns up looking for a bed for the night...but everything at Maeve’s beloved B&B is off kilter. Her daughter Claire is here to help or is she just making things worse? 

You see, there’s a fine line between flying and falling.

Caterpillar is a darkly funny, searing and tender drama about when we find ourselves standing on the edge, do we dare to step off?

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